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Ludo is a strategy board game for two or four players , in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to the rolls of  a single eye  . Like other cross or circle games , ludo is derived from the Indian game Pachisi , but  simpler . the game and its variations are popular in various countries and under various names . It is being played from the year 1896 . Some people call it as a board game ,but it gives the experience of racing games and dice games to the people .

Peoples of  India really enjoy playing the ludo game at any time you let them play , the whole family will be ready for the ludo game because it gives the best experience of winning , there is a lot of fun in playing ludo . Specially nowadays in quarantine life peoples of India used to play ludo king to pass their time with some fun and memorable moments , specially there is a feature in ludo king to play online with some friends who can play this game of ludo staying at there home itself . It let's the people stay at their home and enjoy with their friends who's far away from them being safe in their own home , it really removes the big distance between them and let them enjoy with their friends and forget all the problems and stress about the Covid-19 , And this is really helping the people to stay stress free in this situation because this is not the moment for the people to take stress and scare at all from the virus ,it is the time for the people to come unite and fight becoming one against this dreadful virus .

So, coming on the main topic again the ludo is generally a two - four players game ,  only a single person cannot play the game without a rival ,you can't also play the game without a rival , can you !?

And also not more than four persons can play the game ,but more than four persons can watch the game sitting together ! Am i right or not ?

generally the playing time of the ludo is less than 90 minutes , which means you can't play this game for more than 90 minutes at all . And if you are playing this game for more than 90 minutes than you really have a need of getting luck .

Methods/Steps of playing Ludo 

1. place all of your pieces onto the corresponding color pocket . A ludo board is set up like a cross with 4 equal sized arms . Each arm has 3 rows of squares and one of these rows will correspond to 1 set of 4 ludo pawns . The object is to make a lap around the board going all the way around the outer row of squares and then travelling up the center of your row when you complete the lap . The pocket ( circle or square next to your corresponding color row ) is  where your pieces stay until you get them onto the board . every player chooses one of the four colors . All pieces in the pocket are not yet in the play .The pieces must remain in the pocket until you bring them into play .

2. Decide who goes first by rolling the dice . The order of play will proceed clockwise from the player who goes first .

3. Roll a 6 to bring your first pawn onto the board . To start their pawn across to the board the player must bring 6 on the dice otherwise second player will play their turn .

4. roll again to determine how many spaces to move your first pawn . move the pawn as many spaces as the number you roll the dice .

5. End your turn and pass the die to the next player after you move a pawn . After you moved a pawn your turn is over . Hand the dice to the next player .

6. Place another pawn on the board if you roll the another 6 . Each time you roll a 6, you get another pawn on the board and another turn to roll . If you roll another 6,place a pawn on the start space and then roll again .

Concept of moving the pawns around the board 

1. continue to roll at the beginning of each turn and move your pawns . 

2. capture an opponent's pawn by landing on the same space . 

3. Get more than 1 of your pieces on the same space to make a block .

4. Land on the same space as an opponent's  pawn to move past it .

5. Move your pawns around the board going towards your home stretch .


Winning the game 

1. Avoid spaces with special markings on them . Some ludo boards have additional markings on certain spaces , such as a circle or crown , and these spaces are called patches . you'll want to avoid these spaces since landing on one of them will send your pawn back to the pocket . This means you will have to roll a 6 to get that pawn back onto the board again .

2. Roll the exact number needed to get each pawn onto the home base . Note that you cannot jump over your pawns in ludo once they are in the home stretch . if you have an empty space in your homerun , you are required to move a closest pawn into that space . Move the pawn according to the number you roll on the dice .

3. Reach the home space with all 4 of your pawns first to win the game . Getting 1 of your pawns onto the home base space will not win you the game . Continue rolling on your turn and moving your pawns onto the home base 1 at a time . The first player to get all of their pawns onto the home base has won the game .

. If 1 or more of your pawns was captured , you need to roll a 6 to get it onto the board again . If you don't roll a 6 , then try again on your next turn . 

. All 4 of your pawns must travel around the board and move into the home base space to win the game , so you cannot win until all of them have made a lap around the board and go into the home space . 

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