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Hello friends , I'm back again with the new topic which everyone generally asks as a question that what are the best games to play online
so , here is the answer of that most popular question , I have listed some top games to play online . These games are not specified with some categories like games for kids , games for boys , games for girls or games to play with friends these are just games which you can play online with friends or without friends and have some fun during this quarantine time . So let's start with our first online game : 



What is PUBG mobile ? The battle royale genre is showing no sign of slowing down as 100 players are now taking their fight to phones and tablets . It is not just Epic Games that are getting in on the on-the-go battle royale action , eiher ; Chinese tech giant Tencent Games now have PUBG mobile in their quest for a portable chicken dinner . 

There are plethora of guns , clothes , health kit , bandages and  granites and so on .You can utilise these these types of things in the game

During playing the scam players can play and talk with friends . I like thing . If you want to talk with friends so you need to turn on your voice chat , so you can use it . 
The Mobile game provides the same gameplay elements as the PC and Xbox game, but uses on-screen controls. These can be customised for a number of different layouts and elements to suit the size of your device or preferences.

You can also change the controls for driving vehicles in the game, of which there are a number of options.
The gameplay is surprisingly good and smooth, although there's an advantage for those with bigger displays and more powerful phones. There are three graphics settings you can use and the game will automatically select one. It's advisable to close down everything else, turn up the brightness and volume for the best experience.

2. Fornite Battle Royale

Fortnite is a survival game where 100 players play against each other to win the game . The winner will be the only one player who's standing till the end of the game after beating other 99 players . This is the online multiplayer game which lets the players enter in the combat game and be a survivor for the first position . It is the action game which is very interesting to play and it was too a adventourous  game in itself to play , it was not like the other hunger games , to participate and survive in the fortnite  game the player must have some strategic gameplay . According to the data there are an estimate of 125 million players or survivors on Fortnite .

Fortnite battle Royale  is a game of survival which means you have be the first to win the game .

This competitive element adds a touch of urgency to the game , gamers also  needs  to avoid being caught in the eye of the storm to remain in the game , there are the regular countdowns to when the storm is approaching . 
The games colourful animations and the graphics will appeal to the younger ones and younger users .
Epic games quite cleverly tease gamers with new updates , new offers and new ways to play . Fortnite will soon be released  on mobile devices . Users can unlock new items for free by continuing to play the game free of charge and VC .
There is also a degree of fun to the game with christmas and dinosaur costumes available for purchase . Avatars can also do dance moves using the emote features these can be used during the game which can be quite amusing . Many of  these dances are inspired by popular culture enabling gamers to enjoy them both in the game or in the schoolyard .

3. Apex Legends

The game is set in Titanfall universe — somewhere that will be familiar to players from one of Respawn’s other game franchises. It’s free to play and because of that it depends on loot boxes and microtransactions to make money. The players are dropped from an airship in squads of three into Kings Canyon — the world of Apex Legends. There they have to scavenge resources and eliminate the other 19 squads to win.

Players control their characters, unlike other battle royale games, in the first-person with a focus on strategy. You can choose to play as one of eight characters — each with its own unique skill set — which makes the gameplay more nuanced and exciting. 
Apex Legends has the cartoonish charm the genre is known for but the game is more serious in tone than its competitors.

There’s a lot more emphasis on gunplay (rather than Fortnite’s building mechanic) and when a player is shot, a small cloud of blood surrounds them. Whilst not especially gory, you might want to view some gameplay on a site like Twitch or YouTube before deciding if you’re happy with your child playing it — especially if they are under 16.

The game is fast-paced and designed so that rounds are never more than 20-30 minutes — something that’s useful to know if you’re thinking about time limits for your child. If you allow them two hours gaming, for example, they’d be able to complete approximately four rounds. The trouble with the 20-30 minute format is that it is very tempting to do ‘just one more’. It’s designed to encourage bingeing so do keep that in mind if your child struggles to stop.

4. League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is a multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) computer game. The genre was popularized by the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) mod for the popular real-time strategy game Warcraft 3. Like a strategy game, the camera angle is top-down, allowing players (called summoners) to see their own characters in a third-person view. Outside of a brief tutorial, there is no single-player or campaign mode. Hence the term MOBA.
The game is free to download from the game's website . Because it’s free and can also be played on relatively low system specifications, nearly anyone can download the game client and play. The client is simple and relatively straightforward. The homepage has some Riot-produced content. A “Play” button at the top places players into games. There are links in the upper right to view a player’s profile and visit the store.
The store is where champions, skins, and other things can be purchased (more on those later). Items are purchased with Influence Points (IP, earned through playing the game) or Riot Points (RP, bought from Riot). Certain non-essential items are only available via RP; this is how Riot Games makes money.
Before starting a game, make sure you have a block of time where you can devote your attention to the game. Most of the game modes pair you with live teammates and opponents, so being present for the entire duration of the game is important. In fact, players can be punished for going away from keyboard (AFK) during a match.
The first choice players will have to make is what opponents to face. Beginners will have the option to play against the computer in the Tutorial mode or Co-op vs. AI games to get acclimated. These modes put you against scripted computer-controlled enemies. Once you gain a basic understanding of how the game works, the player vs player (PvP) mode is unlocked. These are live games against real players that will test your skill and knowledge.
Once players reach a certain level of experience, they can play ranked games. All games run on a matchmaking system where players are paired with others of a similar experience level. Ranked games take that to another level by providing tangible feedback on performance by adding/subtracting points for victories/defeats. As a players accumulate points, they ascend through a tiered ranking system.
After selecting the opponent, players choose which game mode to play. Classic is the mode that most players and fans are familiar with. ARAM is a simplified version of the Classic, played on a smaller map and with random champions. There are also rotates game modes; think of these as creative just-for-fun modes.
Finally, players will select which map they play on. The most popular game mode is the Classic mode on the 5v5 map, Summoner’s Rift.

5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (abbreviated CS:GO) is an online first-person shooter developed by valve corporation and hidden path entertainment. It is the fourth official game in the main counter strike series and the seventh game in all. It was released on August 21st, 2012 after which Valve Corporation assumed sole responsibility for developing post-release updates.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (abbreviated CS:GO) is an online first-person shooter developed by valve corporation and hidden path entertainment. It is the fourth official game in the main counter strike series and the seventh game in all. It was released on August 21st, 2012 after which Valve Corporation assumed sole responsibility for developing post-release updates.

CS:GO was released on August 21st, 2012. The base version of the game was developed by Hidden Path Entertainment while Valve Corporation maintained control over post-release updates.

Deathmode is a versus mode featuring instant respawning with the ability to purchase any primary and secondary weapons with no regards to the money economy. Each match lasts 10 minutes and can be played on all CS:GO maps regardless of their original intended game mode. The team with the highest points wins the round. This mode was added in the January 23rd , 2013 patch update.

Arms Race is a gun-progression mode featuring instant respawning and many close-quarter combat situations. After registering two kills with each weapon, players receive their next one immediately as they work their way through each weapon in the game. Getting one kill with the final weapon, a golden knife, will make the final killer win the match.

Danger Stone is a fast-paced battle royale mode, where players can enter a match with up to 18 total players for squads and 16 for solo games, competing to be the last alive. There are currently three official maps for Danger Zone, which are Black sirotto and jungle. These three maps rotate the queue every 30 minutes to make sure one map isn't avoided/underplayed. The same gun mechanics are present in this game mode, however, the health is boosted to 120 and you start with only your fists and a tablet. The tablet allows you to purchase supplies that are delivered to the player via drone by using money found around the map, through optional Hostage rescue missions, or killing other players. It also grants the ability to see the general location of every single player on the map in hexagon-shaped areas. Scattered throughout the map are various types of crates that can provide money, weapons (new melee and throwable weapons included), and gear (such as MediShots and Breach Charges). As the weapons may not come with a full magazine and reserve ammo, you can purchase additional ammunition through the tablet, or collect them from small containers around the map. The game usually lasts around 10 to 15 minutes, with the only time restraint being the Danger Zone limiting the amount of playable area on the map until one player remains. This mode was added in the DEcember 6th, 2018 patch update.

6. HearthStone

Hearthstone is the game that kicked off the digital collectable card game craze and inspired everything from Clash Royale to Artifact. A once-small side project from Blizzard turned into one of the most successful games of the last decade. It spearheaded the trend of having mobile and PC cross-platform play and inspired other major developers, such as Valve and Riot, to release games in the same style for their own successful properties.
Hearthstone quickly spawned a competitive scene around it and proved to be one of the most popular games on Twitch, regularly battling the big names such as Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the top spot on the platform. Prize pools reached six figures very quickly and soon Blizzard started to assert more control over the pro scene. But its popularity meant that, unlike some other titles, a thriving amateur and tier two scene continues to this day.
Hearthstone is a substantially bigger game than it was when it launched and CCGs are never simple to just pick up and start winning at, but really there's no better time than now to get into Hearthstone. The game is well balanced, the top level scene is still going strong and the pathway to pro is clearer than ever. So here’s where to start.

How to play Hearthstone: The basics
Hearthstone is a one-versus-one game where you must take the health of your opponent down from 30 to 0 in order to win. Attacking them directly with units on the board or spells will reduce their health, but some characters and cards can heal them back up. Each player takes a turn to draw a card from their deck into their hand, play any cards they wish and then attack the opponent directly or the minions they have on the board.
Each card you play costs mana, with you having a limited amount each turn, meaning you can't play all the best cards in the same turn. Your mana increases by one each turn up to 10, meaning the strongest cards cannot be played until the later rounds.

As you progress in your abilities you'll head into the world of deck building, where you can select the cards you want to play with in each match. With thousands of cards to choose from and unlock you could be one amazing deck away from a run at the top level of play and it's discovering new strategies that makes Hearthstone’s deck building so fun.

How to download Hearthstone
You’ll need a Blizzard account to sign up and play Hearthstone. Fortunately it’s completely free to sign up and start playing. On a desktop all you have to do is head to the Blizzard Account Creation page, set up your account and then download the Blizzard Launcher, which will allow you to install Hearthstone.
Once the launcher has downloaded and installed you can simply navigate to the Hearthstone section of the app and hit install. Once the installation is complete you can hit the play button and start your journey to Hearthstone pro.
If you prefer to play on a mobile device, then all you have to do is head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for Hearthstone. Download the app and boot it up and you're good to go, although you'll also need a Blizzard account to play on mobile.

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