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GTA 5 GUIDE: How To Find The GTA 5 Nuclear Waste Location

Once you've got completed The Merryweather Heist, the choice to buy the measuring instrument Collections Dock in Paleto Cove can unlock. Stump up the price then use your new submarine to gather all thirty barrels of cytotoxic sludge by following our GTA five Nuclear Waste locations guide.

GTA 5 GUIDE Nuclear Waste Location: How to find every barrel to complete waste management

How to find every nuclear waste barrel in Grand Theft Auto 5 

The GTA five Nuclear Waste aspect mission can earn you the Waste Management trophy or accomplishment once it's completed. Finding all thirty GTA five Nuclear Waste barrels is not the most exiting activity however a minimum of you will earn some bundle once it's done, moreover because the award. you will need to be a good manner into the story to achieve this objective in GTA five, however once you are able to capture each Nuclear Waste barrel this guide can assist you spherical all of them up from bottom in no time.

Buying The Dock

The trophy or accomplishment description reads: "Purchase the previous dock and collect all nuclear waste." It's 2 straightforward steps that involve plenty of cash and plenty of looking. begin by taking part in the story till The Merryweather Heist. once the mission, the navigational instrument Collections Dock in Paleto Cove are place up purchasable. Head there and pay the $250,000 price to induce yourself the "old dock." We've marked the situation as a greenback register the map.

Collecting The Nuclear Waste

Now the search begins. With the dock in your possession, you've got access to a submarine. Hop in and steel onself for a problem search. for every barrel of nuclear waste found, you earn $23,000. realize all thirty barrels, and you will be rolling during a sweet $690,000.

Here's the issue concerning the nuclear waste: it's found at bound distances from the surface. Considering the bed has few landmarks, mistreatment screenshots to assist you find the barrels isn't useful. Instead, use our map in conjunction with the Trackify app on your in-game phone to search out every barrel. The Trackify can ping following barrel once one is collected, thus it will not be too difficult to scoop all up.

How To Find GTA 5 Letter Scrap Location

There area unit fifty letter scraps scattered round the map, that along type a confession written by the malefactor of the star Leonora Johnson. Track all down then confront her killer exploitation our GTA five Letter Scraps locations guide.

We show you where to find all the 50 letter scraps in Grand Theft Auto 5 so you can track down the killer 

You may have detected them undulation within the wind as you explore Los Santos and on the far side, as there ar a complete five0|of fifty} GTA 5 letter scraps hidden throughout the sport. These items of paper function quite simply another collectible in GTA five, as they really type a part of a confession letter, fenced in by the ill-famed killer of Vinewood actress Leonora Johnson. If you would like to resolve this long-standing mystery and produce the killer the justice, then follow our guide to all or any of the GTA five Letter Scraps locations and obtain your detective hat on.


1: At the Procopio beach lay-by, go towards the beach and you'll return to alittle log building. At the way facet, towards the ocean, the scrap are going to be there.

2: within “Dignity Village” visit the left then right to enter the tent with a banner that claims “Social Justice for All”.

3: on the geographic area, simply south of Mount Gordo, there's alittle house associate degreed a tower on an island. re-examine to the tower and also the scrap are going to be on the path encompassing it.

4: At the northern edge, within the middle of Grapeseed, explore for 3 long canopies in an exceedingly field. there'll be 2 white ones and a inexperienced one within the middle. Look within the white one on the proper to seek out the scrap.

5: visit the east docks at the north shore of carnage ocean and there'll be a piscary there. explore for the boat trailer to the proper of the piscary and also the scrap are going to be on the bottom there.

6: To the northwest facet of carnage ocean, there'll be 3 tiny outcroppings from the shore. Look on the farthest west one and there'll be a picket boat. simply to the left of which will be the scrap.

7: after you get to the dirt road that runs on the south of Cassidy Creek, you'll be ready to over look another dirt road down below. whereas on the higher road, explore for the very best peak on the side of the geological formation face and acquire to the highest of it. you'll have to be compelled to ride a fast bike to urge up or take a chopper because the sides area unit pretty steep. The scrap are going to be on prime of it once you get on my feet.

8: after you enter the philanthropist camp, follow the trail up to the radio tower and there you'll realize the scrap on the bottom close to the bottom of the tower.

9: On the tiny road that leads east to the work, stop at the bend within the road that turns right and appearance for the scrap on the bottom to the left of the road next to an outsized rock and a few trees.

10: At the highest of Mt. Chiliad, there's a gondola station. Look within it on the catwalk towards the front to seek out the scrap there.

11: At the house with the white railing and open umbrella on the second story area, go up the steps to achieve the highest area and also the scrap are going to be on the deck there.

12: To the north of Paleto Bay, there's a house beside the Pay n Spray there that contains a folded back roof. Look within the tiny area at the rear of the house to seek out the scrap.

13: Head to the summary court and within the back, within the empty swimming bath you'll realize the scrap.

14: close to the south flight strip at the Sandy Shore flying field, there's an outsized spherical rock that appears sort of a whorled up poop. jump on prime of it and at the terribly prime are going to be this scrap.

15: Enter the assailant Cement Works plant, simply west of the Sandy Shores flying field and there'll be a ladder on the left facet, close to the middle of the building. Climb all the far to the roof to seek out the paper there.

16: visit the natural depression Hill Church to the north of nice vegetation and there'll be a memorial park on the side. The paper are going to be on the bottom before of 3 crosses.

17: simply west of the church, on route68, you'll return to alittle bridge before you reach the gun and outfitters. Stop at the bridge then go around to appear thereunder wherever the scrap are going to be.

18: This one will be rather tough to seek out, however it helps greatly if you stick on the southern shore of the swamp. As you get close to the west edge, there'll be 3 inlets that reach north. you'll realize the scrap directly right of the japanese most body of water.

19: create your thanks to this tiny winding road and create your approach south on it from route sixty eight. after you get to the primary curve within the road, stop and acquire out of your automobile. within the facet of the rock face, there'll be a picket door. looking on wherever you’re standing tho' it will be blocked by trees. explore for the picket door and also the scrap are going to be on the bottom to the left of it.

20: after you reach this farm house set simply southeast of Harmony, look behind the signboard to seek out the scrap.

21: after you reach the development web site here, visit the northwest facet to check an outsized cylinder being engineered behind orange fencing. within the center of the circular floor are going to be a gap with the scrap within it.

22: simply north of the ability station, on the japanese beach, there's a rather giant cave that you just will enter from the water. within are going to be a ship and also the scrap you would like on the left facet. You’ll have to be compelled to go all the approach into the cave to check it.

23: There area unit 2 tiny islands simply east of the ability plant, on the geographic area. The scrap of paper will be found on the northern most island. to form things easier on yourself, take care to require a chopper over there.

24: within the Vinewood Hills, follow the path up to the highest of the massive hill simply north of the Observatory. after you get on my feet there, you'll realize a lay-by with a “Big O” stand. The scrap are going to be on the bottom before of it.

25: Head to the large Vinewood sign up the Vinewood Hills and climb up the “I” within the sign. As shortly as you reach the highest, you'll collect the scrap.

26: Enter the yard of the house there'll a urinary organ formed pool. Once within the yard, visit the side associate degreed there'll be an open door resulting in an area with a ping malodour table. simply within the door are going to be the scrap.

27: Head on route eleven leading south from Tonga natural depression and you'll return to a fruit stand on the facet of the road. Stop there and also the scrap are going to be on the bottom before of the map sign.

28: Ohio a hedge maze! after you reach the Kortz Center on the highest of the Pacific Bluffs, visit the rear of the primary building and go down the steps to enter the hedge maze. after you enter, create a left, right, right, left, left, and a final left to seek out the scrap on the bottom.

29: In Chumash, there's associate degree ocean facet edifice on the good Ocean road. Head over thereto and visit the pool and bar space within the back. To the south of the area space, there'll be a bar with the scrap sitting thereon.

30: Head to the memorial park here and you'll see alittle patch of water on the map. visit it and also the scrap are going to be within the center of the tiny island there.

31: visit the show heap and head to the southwest corner wherever the world is on the roof. Climb the steps there to urge up to the catwalk and realize the scrap on the bottom between some electrical units.

32: explore for the house during this space wherever you'll take the steps up to a 0.5 circle curtilage. Look on the sting of it to seek out the scrap there.

33: Head to the development web site simply north of the Del Perro road with an outsized yellow crane. visit the lower a part of the positioning and close to the middle are going to be an oblong hole. The scrap are going to be within.

34: there's super tall yellow construction crane set here. you would like to urge yourself all the thanks to the terribly prime of it to gather the scrap of paper. Get to climbing! It takes a while!

35: create your thanks to the roof of the Hawaiian Snow building via the rear alley and there'll some skateboard ramps there. Look within the center of the half-pipe for the letter.

36: Head to the race track and create your far the steps to the seats. visit the second section from the south then check the fourth row back. The scrap are going to be on the bottom there.

37: If you have got done the "Under the Bridge" exercises, then this bridge ought to be far-famed to you. explore for the scrap on the sting of the middle platform points towards the northeast.

38: For this scrap, go all the thanks to the top of the Del Perro Pier and appearance for Pearls eating place on the proper facet. The scrap are going to be on the second floor, thus get on my feet there, take the steps to the proper of the healthcare facility then cross the bridge over to the eating place.

39: in Americus Vespucius, simply west of the lawn tennis courts, wherever the water encircled homes area unit, go down the steps to the water and appearance beneath the bridge to the south. The scrap are going to be within the center shelf.

40: create your thanks to Americus Vespucius beach and appearance for the skaters hanging out at the empty pools on the board walk. after you spot it, hop in and also the scrap are going to be at the lowest of the bowl.

41: At the south finish of the flying field on the bottom floor, look beside the red LSIA sign and before of the blue sets to seek out the scrap on the bottom there.

42: for this scrap, you’ll have to be compelled to get yourself up to the circular platform beneath the odd wanting structure within the center of the flying field. to urge up there, you’ll have to be compelled to land a chopper or choose a parachute dive.

43: At the port of Los urban center, explore for the inexperienced and blue tug boat that's in dry dock. Board the boat and also the scrap are going to be at the front of the boat before of the cabin.

44: create your thanks to Grove St. and appearance behind this house for the scrap. Grove St. 4 Life.

45: Drive to the Mega Mall and appearance within the massive inexperienced Dumpster within the parking zone.

46: On the Americus Vespucius Blvd bridge, look within the arch on the bridge simply before you get to in style St.

47: At the Elysian Fields road, north of the terminal to the south, there's a train tunnel simply to the west. it's a separate track beside the expressway that creates a address the north. bestride the train tracks and run through the tunnel going north. Eventually you'll return to associate degree bay on the left with some boxes and also the scrap are going to be there.

48: create your thanks to the Terminal at the south a part of the town and visit the massive lading lifter wherever some guys area unit standing around. Climb to the highest then drop to the purple instrumentality below. Go west across a white contain then skip to a blue instrumentality wherever the scrap is.

49: create your thanks to the automobile scrap yard within the oil fields and within the center building on the proper, there'll be alittle workplace. Look to the facet of the building to check half a bus and also the scrap are going to be within.

50: On the terribly geographic area, simply east of the Equus caballus Highlands, there's alittle island. Look to the north finish, on the side of it to seek out the scrap of paper there.

Congratulations - you have found all of the letter scraps. currently use Franklin to go to the new Strangers and Freaks mission marker that is appeared in Vinewood Hills to confront the killer.

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